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The three-centimeter heel group of shoes is marked by more coquettish lines, with narrow or thick heels made of layers of delicately painted wood. It includes pumps with a strap around the back of the foot and removable satin laces, much like ballet dancers' pointe shoes, as well as ankle-high Bailey Ugg Button Boots for a more elegant daytime look.

The most interesting element of Bar's collection is actually the high-heeled group of shoes, which reach up to six centimeters, and it includes more closed pumps with elements that are reminiscent of moccasins - one of the main trends for the coming winter. As for the ankle , one design that stands out for the right reasons is a style made of leather, painted dark beige to make it look wrinkled and ironed, with an asymmetric zipper and a snap.

Bar's collection also features several full-length boot designs, but, for her part, the designer says she personally favors low ankle cheap ugg boots, and even admits to being glad that the fad for high cheap ugg boots, into which people pushed their slacks, has passed.

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cheap ugg boots for clearance
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